Stacey McLachlan

Stacey McLachlan

Vancouver-based writer and editor.

Executive Editor of Western Living and Vancouver Magazine, available for freelance work. I write about design, travel, food, comedy and interesting people.

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Cityinformer trumptower article
Vancouver Magazine

Does Trump Make Money from the Vancouver Trump Tower? - Vancouver Magazine

Our City Informer digs into the economics of the Trump Tower.

Bestbars cloughclub article
Vancouver Magazine

The Best Bars in Vancouver for Every Night of the Week - Vancouver Magazine

There are a million places to wet that whistle, catch-up over a pint or dance the night away—but only seven night a week to do it. So allow us to help narrow the field with recommendations for Manic Mondays, TGIF and beyond.

Cityinformer boat article
Vancouver Magazine

City Informer: How Much Does it Cost to Live on a Boat?

For a certain type of person (Matthew McConaughey, for example), living on a boat has always been the ultimate fantasy.

Screen shot 2016 11 23 at 5.43.00 pm article
Vancouver Magazine

Shop the City: VanMag's 2016 Gift Guide

Your neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood guide to getting all your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop.

Cityinformer saskatchewan article
Vancouver Magazine

City Informer: Where the Heck is Saskatchewan Street?

Investigating why Vancouver's block of provincially named streets is missing a few key players.

Railtown howest menu creditamyho 18 article
Vancouver Magazine

The Best Thing I Ate All Week: Vegan Club Sandwich at Railtown Cafe

This is 50% food review, 50% complaining about South Granville.

Vm1216.traffic.byron eggenschwiler 512x768 article
Vancouver Magazine

City Informer: How much does it cost to shut down a road?

What film production companies have to do to take over a Vancouver street.

Andrews sisters article
Vancouver Magazine

Vancouver's Female Animators on Industry Diversity

On the heels of The Hollywood Reporter's white-dudes-only panel on diversity in animation, we asked seven women working in our own local animation industry how they think Vancouver measures up.

Screen shot 2016 10 26 at 4.34.58 pm article
Vancouver Magazine

City Informer: How Wreck Beach got naked

Answering Vancouverites' burning questions.

Bridgefin 519x768 article
Vancouver Magazine

City Informer: How Is the Counterflow Lane on the Lions Gate Bridge Controlled?

Someone has to make sure we all make it off that bridge alive. The City Informer (me!) investigates.

Laughing article
Vancouver Magazine

No Laughing Matter

Can a community that’s always joking take sexism and sexual harassment seriously?

Screen shot 2015 09 18 at 3.32.02 pm article
Vancouver Magazine

Hey, Big Spender

Judging from the construction dust, luxury brands are thriving in a tepid economy by super-sizing the boutique vibe.

Screen shot 2015 12 07 at 3.50.38 pm article
Vancouver Magazine

Lululemon Seawheeze Line is Two Hours - VanMag

Getting a good run-time tomorrow won’t matter if you don’t look good doing it, right?

Screen shot 2015 12 07 at 3.45.25 pm article
Vancouver Magazine

Precocious Teen Hosts Natural-Disaster-Themed Pop-Up Dinner

Obviously you should get a ticket.

Screen shot 2015 12 07 at 3.56.21 pm article
Vancouver Magazine

It's time to learn archery — Hunger Games style - Vancouver Magazine

Infuse some Katniss-cool into your fitness routine.